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I totally fell in love with this drama from the beginning <3 It has a great plot, the only thing about it is that it’s confusing. But other than that, I love it. I just finished vampire persecutor 2, and it was also amazing. Although, the ending raised even more questions, I hope they are answered in the third season. 

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What is the biggest issue amongst fans?

SM fans:Fanwars
JYP fans:Managing
YG fans:GD's hair
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“I read in a book that kisses and skinship are good during pregnancy… Endorphins are released. Should we try it?”

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when SHINee is shy…


Jonghyun covers his face

Taemin covers his face

Key covers his face

Minho covers his face

and Onew… falls down

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emo status

Sometimes, I feel like no one understands me. 

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